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Our Story

Maillefer helps Wire & Cable and Pipe & Tube manufacturers to exceed their goals. No limit is fixed for us. We provide you with new opportunities to succeed in and develop your business. With our technologies, production know-how and networks you can always stay ahead of competition.

Master Your Potential

Did you know that even 12% of cable raw materials are wasted on overconsumption and scrap? Or that a 50-hectar corn field needs 3 million liters of water daily?

We live an era of rapid urbanization and unforeseen data transfer. Established markets are furiously seeking resource-efficient ways of producing more from less. The rapid-growth markets make 31% of world GDP and have over 60% of world’s population.

To function properly all societies need a sustainable backbone to keep it in motion; a durable, efficient and innovative network which transfers electricity, data, water, liquids, goods, cars and people. When the network works well, we do not even notice its existence. We are happy and continue with business as usual. Everyone, everyday and everywhere in the world.

Over 4000 extrusion lines
installed globally
Over 2/3 of installed lines
still operative
Every week, we start
2 new production lines

Explore your limits!

In rapidly changing markets, increasing the value of your business can take many forms. Do you have the right capacity to respond easily to market needs? Is material-efficiency important to you? Are your products sustainable and your partners responsible? All of them affect your competitiveness.

With us, you do not need to be fixed within the limits of your current business whether considering different product types, production capacities, or application areas. Instead, you can stay ahead of competition and meet new demands of your market.

What makes you different?

Only with us, can you choose between three different levels of production lines varying in capacity, cost, automation, flexibility, product range and space and maintenance requirements. From us, you can get the best technical fit and value, from a single component to a complete factory.

Strongest together

Our clientele includes large manufacturers, industry newcomers and small, niche businesses. Each customer is unique and regarded exclusively along the partnership. We deliver versatile support, from 24/7 problem solving, and spare parts to continuous preventive maintenance and performance reviews according to your lifecycle needs.

We systematically develop our component offerings and bring new production value packages to your doorstep. Our show room, with the world's sole vertical pilot line is available for customer trials and joint process development.

Compact quality solution for more sustainable production. Affordable investment that is easy to start and maintain in different production environments.

Lean and proven production solution for changing market needs. Good upgradability and versatile product range guarantee a technical fit for the future.

Royal road to demanding deliveries with the lowest total cost of ownership. High output solution to explore the market in the front row.

We do not promise what is not possible.

Our five regional sales and service centers have the understanding of local production circumstances and realities. The two global competence centers consult in customer projects where more detailed technology know-how is needed. Through them you have access to our global references and best practices. Our 50 agents are close to your everyday business and understand your local opportunities. For us, keeping promises means reliability.

Over 50 different technologies covering nearly 20 applications Over 22 patent families

Is there a limit after all?

We run tens of R&D projects every year. Projects range from incremental improvements in material use and operating processes to brand new technology concepts and process simulations. Our global developer network actively tests and refines ideas into practical or out-of-the-box innovations. Extrucell™, Multisil™, and NOMOS®present a part of our recognized product innovations. This experience gives us the know-how to deliver even a complete factory as a service.

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