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Extraordinary value is created by extraordinary people. People who work, develop and question their limits together. We have been the industry innovator for over 100 years – and we’ll continue to do so also tomorrow. We redefined competence that counts. 

Find your best fit, elevate your production and master your potential. Even better than before.

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Maillefer Consultation – 30 ways to master your potential

Get to know our 30 know-how products, with which you can maximize the value of your technology, access best practices and improve your process based on your needs.

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Maillefer Factory System – Seize the business opportunity

Do you need a qualified concept to realize the complete factory with the lowest risk and cost? Let us introduce a new way to seize your business opportunity.

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Reka Cables – Quality with minimum cost of ownership

Would you like to hear what Reka Cables has achieved with our joint R&D? Watch the video to see the payback of the long partnership.

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MV and HV Cable Production, Building Wire Cable Production


Round Value Package Premium – 20% more line productivity

Our patent pending roundness technology enables material savings of up to €500k per year in lead jacketed submarine cables.

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High and Extra High Voltage Cable Production


Ta Ya Electric Wire & Cable – Rubber cable renaissance

Rubber cable renaissance

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Rubber Cable Production, Production Know-how and Training

Technology Services – Know where to start

Are you looking to speed up the start of your commercial production? Our technology services can help.

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R&D Centers – Where the magic happens

The scale-up of extrusion processes can be a long and difficult road. ABB’s Corporate Research visited Maillefer’s R&D center in Finland, and this is what happened.

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Plus Value Package - Plug-and-play capacity for quick movers

A successful investment is not only a matter of the right equipment. It’s also a matter of timing and easy production start.

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Fiber Optic Cable Production


OEL 40///Explore – 1000 m/min

The challenge was to double the speed of fiber optic production, especially in secondary coating line. Well, here it is.

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Fiber Optic Cable Production

Super Steam Curing Calculation NSS – The recipe generator

Are your rubber and plastic insulation and jacketing conditions as good as they can be? Check how to optimize your running conditions from start-up to shut-down of your production.

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El-Sewedy Cables, Subsidiary of El Sewedy Electric – Partners for life

Would you like to learn how El-Sewedy keeps its service costs under control without compromising quality?

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MV, HV and EHV Cable Production


TELE-FONIKA Kable – 30% more speed

How did TELE-FONIKA Kable achieve 30% more production speed across its product range

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MV, HV and EHV Cable Production

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VP, Pipe & Tube Business Line and VP, Maillefer Services
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Product Engineer - Fiber Optic Cable Solutions
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Sales Manager - Europe
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Product Manager - Low Voltage and Building Wire Solutions
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