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A communication network industry company

Towards brighter future

The company is a global player in the communication network industry. Their team of over 25,000 people serve customers worldwide. With one Maillefer line, they can make a daily profit of €50,000. "Future looks bright. The need of bandwidth in communication networks keeps growing. New communication technologies require more innovative solutions."

The solution

Maillefer commissioned the first OEL 40///Explore line in the beginning of 2017. This one line alone doubled the buffering capacity of the factory. Second buffering line together with a new SZ stranding line are on their way. Every day one ///Explore line brings €50,000 profit. That is why it is called “the money making machine”.


OEL 40///Explore

The secondary coating of your fiber optic cables is the most important aspect in your production process. As the quality of loose tube defines the final properties of your cable, it is crucial that you have the technology in place to get it right.

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