Since 1900. 


As a global company, we understand the high priority that sustainability holds alongside safety, quality, and productivity for all responsible businesses. Our innovative technology helps address the complex problems we all face, including reliable and sustainable energy services, as well as resilient infrastructure.

Maillefer offers production systems and know-how that maximize production efficiency and reduce scrap during manufacturing process. Five to seven megatons of plastic are processed annually through our huge installed base worldwide. With the latest technology and upgrades, customers can decrease the overuse and scrap amount by almost 10%. That corresponds material savings equivalent to the amount used for plastic bags in all of Europe – 550 kilotons. Maillefer technology helps save raw materials in remarkable ways and works towards building a more sustainable future.

With manufacturing productivity increasing, so does the need for more precise process controls. We offer AI enhanced systems to assist operation and optimize the process. Increased efficiency and quality go in hand with notable material savings.

Our technological solutions, on both a component and on a line scale, are based on long-lasting and reliable components. Maillefer machines are designed to last for decades. The life cycles of our offerings are remarkably long, thus guaranteeing sustainable investments and an optimum carbon footprint.

We live our commitments as an employer and equipment manufacturer on a daily basis. For example, 100% renewable energy is used in our operations. Sustainability is a journey that involves the collective efforts of the entire supply chain to achieve common goals.