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Vital technology cooperation

Ensto uses a wide variety of material recipes in their different products. It creates significant challenges for the crossheads and tool design.

Ensto, Finland

Ensto is a Finnish company specialized in electrical systems and supplies for electrical power distribution and applications. Established in 1958, the company has headquarters in Porvoo, on the southern coast of Finland. Ensto has a new Maillefer production line producing heat shrinkable tubes − used in power cable joints and terminations up to 36 kV.

Sustainable flexibility

Ensto chose Maillefer because it could deliver functional solutions as a whole. Maillefer’s extrusion group and crosshead provided great flexibility in the production process and materials. The same crosshead is suitable for producing all the extrusion products in Ensto’s inventory with a varied number of extrusion layers.

Anssi Aarnio, Product Development Engineer, Ensto Utility Networks

“Maillefer equipment makes it possible to manufacture multiple products with a wide range of compounds, including multi-layer co-extrusion.”

The solution: surface matters

Maillefer has been studying the use of high technology surface coatings in extrusion tooling for several years. High technology surface coatings are an effective solution for many challenges common in extrusion lines. The close cooperation between Ensto and Maillefer has helped both in testing and developing more sustainable extrusion solutions. Different high technology surface solutions have been tested, and the results have been very promising. Ensto will continue to use surface coating on their extrusion tooling and they are excited to explore new coating applications together with Maillefer.


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