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Fulgor Submarine Cables Plant

Pioneer in submarine cable interconnections

Fulgor Submarine Cables Plant, Greece. Fulgor S.A. is known for pioneering the production of technologically advanced products. It is one of the few companies specializing in submarine cable interconnections. Fulgor entered the Cable Hellenic Cables Group in 2011.

Equipment and cooperation for success

Fulgor has developed its CCV line performance and production quality to the highest level. It has successfully completed many turnkey projects, including the supply and installation of submarine high voltage cables and submarine medium voltage cables. Key success drivers have been the modernest equipment and very close cooperation with Maillefer in process development.

The solution

Maillefer has helped Fulgor to update their XLPE insulation processes to meet the high demands of submarine cable production. This enables manufacturing very long continuous lengths with an absolute minimum of factory joints – or without any factory joints at all.

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