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Hellenic Cables

Continuous improvement in overall performance

Hellenic Cables conducted preheating trials in their cable factory in Greece. The target was to increase the overall line speed with augmented curing, which is a patented method.

Hellenic Cables, Greece

Hellenic Cables operates a cable factory in Thiva, Greece. Hellenic Cables has actively and continuously improved the overall performance and efficiency of their CCV lines with Maillefer.

Considerable increases in line capacity

Hellenic Cables realized preheating trials on a High Voltage CCV line used for the production of MV, HV and EHV cables. The trials confirmed expectations, and Hellenic Cables has achieved a 13–20% increase in capacity by accelerating curing with augmented conductor preheating.

The solution: Augmented curing for increased speed

The patented method includes a secondary preheater coil placed before the main coil. The distance between the two leaves enough time for the heat to penetrate throughout the conductor before further preheating. The main coil preheats at much higher temperatures, and gives a constant temperature throughout the conductor cross section. However, the conductor preheating must be exercised with caution to avoid the undesired effects of excessive preheating.

The new technique is used for both aluminum and copper conductors. It is available in new Maillefer CV lines, and as an upgrade for existing lines. 

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