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Successful teamwork since 2007

Incab produces fiber optic cables for a wide assortment of indoor and outdoor installations within the CIS region. The challenge is to produce optical cables for extreme climatic conditions where the operational temperatures range from -60° C to +70° C. Incab’s cables are submitted to many tests to make sure they satisfy these tough requirements.

Incab, Russia

Incab’s manufacturing facilities are located in Perm, Russia. Incab’s first production lines were delivered by Maillefer. Today, Incab has more than ten Maillefer lines, and many of them have been upgraded with innovative components to expand the product range.

Rapid growth to meet high demand

Incab has grown rapidly due to high demand and new product launches in the CIS region. It has increased cable kilometres up to eight times and fiber kilometres up to 17 times during recent years. Incab’s  competitive advantage stems from offering quality cables with minimum delivery time, at a competitive price combined with premium service. 

Alexander Smilgevich, CEO, Incab

“Our criteria for choosing a partner are quality, delivery time and technical support. Maillefer satisfies our requirements well.”

The solution: upgrades to enlarge product range

Incab understood that if they want to be the leaders in their market, they should be able to produce a broad range of products, and have a sufficient production capacity with minimum interruptions. Their most popular cable types are ADSS cables, cables for direct ground installation and riser cables for indoor installations. Since 2007, Incab and Maillefer have developed the production capacity by both new line installations and line upgrades.


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