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Jiangxi Jien

Entering into subsea cable business

Jiangxi Jien, China. Jiangxi Jien is a newly-established company and dedicated to produce XLPE insulated HV&EHV subsea cables. The company belongs to a Chinese enterprise which is a well-known HV&EHV cable producer.

Flexible joints at the core

Jiangxi Jien is aiming to supply inter-array and export cables for off-shore wind farms. Flexible joints are an essential part of a HVAC subsea cable system.

The solution

Maillefer has helped Jiangxi Jien to enter into the HV&EHV subsea cable business by providing insight on flexible joint design and manufacturing technology. The cooperation has aimed at qualifying flexible joints as a part of the subsea cable system. This has been achieved by providing highly know-how intensive flexible factory joint technology.

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