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Prysmian Group

Innovative know-how in global projects

The Prysmian Group is a truly global company with a strong position in the energy and telecom industries. Prysmian is very careful in selecting the machinery and process technology for their production lines. The large organization has several projects going on at all times, whether it be new lines or upgrades on equipment. The company needs partners who can respond to their overall needs and offer the best technology available.

Prysmian, global

The Prysmian Group claims world leadership in the energy and telecom cables and systems industry, with sales of over EUR 7 billion across 50 countries and 91 plants. The group operates in underground and submarine power transmission and distribution cables and systems. Prysmian and Maillefer share a long history of cooperation.

Criteria include know-how

Prysmian selects suppliers based on their experience and know-how. It considers Maillefer to be a partner who provides cost-effective solutions for cable production lines. In addition to innovative technology, Maillefer can support Prysmian with its profound knowledge of products, raw materials and production processes. Recently, Maillefer secured a CCV line project thanks to innovative design and a solution improving the line performance.

Mr. Carlaberto Ferrari, Process & Machinery Manager of Prysmian’s Operations – Engineering & Investments

“Maillefer has developed complete technology equipment for high quality production assurance in cable production lines. We consider Maillefer to be at the top of the technology for the machinery sold. You do not limit yourselves by only selling machines or components but offer in-depth knowledge about the product characteristics, and the specifications the equipment needs to comply with.“

The solution

Two Prysmian factories dedicated to produce submarine cables are exclusively using Maillefer CCV/VCV lines. Maillefer has a number of techniques designed to ensure the longest cable lengths with high insulation quality and cleanliness for the XLPE insulation process. Prysmian wanted to upgrade one of the CCV lines which was still using the original crosshead. Prysmian ordered a specific Maillefer Upgrade Solution that included a new crosshead and three new extrusion screws. The solution also allowed for a standardization of tools and operator procedures with the second existing CCV line.

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