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Rybinskkabel LCC

From Volga with love

Rybinskkabel LCC is one of the biggest cable plants in Russia. It is located in the middle of an industrial zone near the Volga river. It has a very wide range of different product types. Main products are power cables in plastic and paper insulation and winding cables.

Excellence in customer satisfaction

Rybinskkabels’ main priorities are product availability, guaranteed quality and competitive price. By having these right Rybinskkabel has an opportunity to focus on more profound aspects of customer cooperation: deeper partnerships based on respect, transparency and flexibility.

The solution

Rybinskkabel is developing and producing new type of cables, such as non-toxic, low smoke, HF and safety cables. Based on the results of Maillefer’s cable plant inspection, Rybinskkabel changed almost all of its old extrusion lines. Additionally, a plant definition study for a LV/MV cable project was realized. Rybinskkabel now has six complete extrusion lines from Maillefer.

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