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Renewing cable designs

Spetskabel, Russia. Back in 1997, a group of experts with practical experience in special cable development ventured the start of Spetskabel. Today, their manufacturing and research facilities have grown to cover a large product mix, which includes signal cables, network cables, radio frequency cables, control cables and more.

Leading manufacturing solutions

Spetskabel considers Maillefer a world leader in wire and cable manufacturing solutions, offering the best equipment and service in the world.  Spetskabel continues to develop new cable designs that then become part of their production program.


The solution

At Spetskabel’s Moscow plant, over 10 Maillefer lines are in operation, of which the skin-foam-skin LAN Wire Insulation Line TEL 35//Extend is the most recent. For Spetskabel, the next steps for extending their market coverage continue through the acquisition of a new Maillefer line for fluoropolymer processing.

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