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Rubber cable renaissance

A few years ago, TA YA ELECTRIC WIRE & CABLE decided to expand their know-how in the rubber cable segment by investing in a new rubber cable line.  The new line has been busy since production started.


TA YA is one of the most appreciated cable manufacturers in Taiwan. Since the mid-1980’s, Maillefer has been TA YA’s preferred supplier of machinery and services, including power, tele and fiber optic cable lines, as well as reel handling systems. Maillefer has been a crucial contributor in TA YA’s successful growth.

Know-how regained

SSCV Super Steam Rubber Cable Line EPL 20//Extend was installed and commissioned in record time by TA YA’s and Maillefer’s professional team. In addition to the new line and machines, Maillefer delivered know-how and training. Expansion of the rubber cable production has accelerated TA YA’s market penetration with a wide product range. 

The solution

TA YA has an excellent history with Maillefer lines (three extrusion lines and one fiber optic line) during the past decades. They have been happy with the after sales service, and Maillefer’s quality has been recognized by their cable customers. These were the main reasons for selecting Maillefer as the rubber line supplier. The new line brings good production capacity, good quality products and a short lead time. Additionally, the Super Steam process allows free regulation of steam pressure without loss of production speed.  

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