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Automatic Dual Take-Up EKP 630

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The Next Generation EKP

The new generation EKP 630 is available with new lines but also ideal as retrofit into existing ones. It is designed to work independently from line controls, therefore providing an easy fit into any configuration.



The automatic dual take-up EKP 630 is designed to serve versatile applications in telecom and special cable extrusion lines.

EKP 630 works independently from the line controls, therefore providing easy adaptation to any configuration as result. The control cabinet of the take-up is integrated to the machine frame leading to minimized space requirement and quick commissioning. The take-up is controlled with combination of touch screen and push-buttons located in the control panel at the front side of the machine. The take-up is equipped with self-diagnostics feature for quick and improved troubleshooting.

The take-up speed is automatically controlled to match the speed of the line product. Constant product tension is ensured with pneumatic dancer installed inside of the take-up. The spooling tension can be set through the control panel or remotely from the line control. The reels are rotated with AC motors. The automatic traverse control compensates eventual minor reel dimension variations while ensuring even spooling result. The EKP 630 wire catching device is spring loaded and opened by a pneumatic cylinder. This ensures that the catching device is cleaned before the next reel change - a solution that enables a reliable wire change-over within the whole speed range. The automatic reel change starts after wire change-over but can also be started manually when necessary.

Technical characteristics

Reel flange diameter (mm) 300-510 or 400-630
Reel overall width (mm) 100-475
Max. full reel weight (kg) 350
Cable Outer Diameter (mm) 0.5-5.0
Tension Range (N) 4-50
Line Speed max. 2500 m/min
Dimensions L x W x H 5000 x 2490 x 2520 mm

Exact values depend on the assembly.


  • Different lay-out configurations depending on line direction and reel flow
  • Wire guide wheels for different line heights
  • Air-conditioning for the control cabinet
  • Additional reel fitting parts
  • Support for spark tester
  • Length counting in meters or feet

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