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Medium Voltage Silane Insulation

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Our insulation technology for medium voltage cables utilizes silane crosslinking technology. You have the flexibility to choose between three types of insulation compounds: Monosil, SioPlas or silane copolymers.

How to get more value?

Right capacity

How easily can you respond to market changes? Is your answer profitable enough for you? With us you can choose from three different capacity levels without compromising availability or quality of your production solution. Proactive services enhance your operations even further.

Lower production costs

Is material-efficiency important to you? Our technologies guarantee excellent centricity and high stability of your products. State-of-the-art extruders and crossheads save material and minimize scrap in your production. Versatile raw materials, that suit to your production in quality, quantity and price, are applicable on several technologies.

Sustainable products

How sustainable are your products? Purity and smoothness in layers are in the core of our solution development. With us, you can deliver more durable products that are easy to install and secure to use.

Our Way of Working

  1. Production solution iteration

    We simulate possible line configurations for different production speeds and spaces for you

  2. Installation and production start

    We supervise the installation at your premises to answer any questions which may arise. In each delivery, we do the line set-up to ensure that all our promises are fulfilled in the delivery.

  3. Investment renewal

    We help you to achieve the best production value throughout your investment lifecycle. There are several performance and upgrade services to explore new business opportunities.

Lean and proven production solution for changing market needs. Good upgradability and versatile product range guarantee a technical fit for the future.

EEL 50Extend

Medium voltage insulation line based on silane technology

Are you looking for an alternative to continuous vulcanization for your medium voltage cable production?

Our EEL 50 Extend silane insulation line offers you

  • Quality medium voltage cable insulation
  • Lower production costs in comparison to the continuous vulcanization process

What you get

Versatile insulation line

  • Ability to choose between Monosil, SioPlas or silane copolymer compounds
  • Ability to also insulate 1 kV cables
  • Leading technology proven worldwide


Production speeds

240 mm2, 10kV cable, 12.5 m/min, 400 mm2, 10 kV cable, 11 m/min with Monosil process

Typical line composition

  • AVR 10 Two traversing pay-offs
  • MHE Accumulator
  • BCA 12 Caterpillar
  • MXC 60-24D Inner semicon extruder with gravimetric dosing
  • MXC 120-30D Insulation extruder with gravimetric dosing
  • MXC 80-24D Outer semicon extruder with gravimetric dosing
  • Plastic material handling system
  • ECH 35/60 MV Triple layer crosshead
  • ECS Cooling line
  • EX-RAY 8000 Diameter and eccentricity gauge
  • MCS Cooling line
  • MCS Cable dryer
  • MHE Accumulator
  • BLMD 70 Length counter
  • TUT 10 Two traversing take-ups
  • Autoextrusion 4.1 - Line control
  • Power distribution cabinet
  • Optional components

    Welding machine
  • ECH 35/45 Crosshead for low voltage insulation
  • NCL Cooling calculation program


Voltage range 6 – 20 kV
Conductor cross section Cu mm2 25 – 630
Conductor cross section Al mm2 25 – 630
Conductor type Round, solid, stranded
Insulation layer thicknesses  
Conductor screen (mm) 0.6 – 1.0 mm
Insulation (mm) 2.4 – 9.0
Insulation screen (mm) 0.6 – 1.0 mm
Max. cable weight (kg/m) 7.0
Max. Cable diameter (mm) 60
Length of typical line (m) 115
Constructive line speed (m/min) 150

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