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Maillefer Consultation

Nearest Maillefer contacts for USA

KN Manufacturing Solutions LLC

Fiber Optic

5464 Woodrun Ct
GA 30517 Braselton

Tel: +1 770 967 1770

Cell: +1 404 202 9655

Fax: +1 770 967 1770


TDC (Technical Development Corporation)

Wire & Cable

11845 Vanstory Drive
NC 28078 Huntersville

Tel: +1-770-337-3347


Maillefer North America

Pipe & Tube

Phipps Bend Industrial Park<br /> 402 Phipps Bend Road
TN 37873 Surgoinsville

Tel: +1 423 817 2440

Fax: +1 423 212 0131


Maillefer North America

Wire & Cable

4012 Washington Drive<br /> Upper Chichester
PA 19061 Philadelphia

Tel: +1 972 762 2297


How would you define a competitive production? For us it means increasing the lifetime value of your technology in different production and market circumstances. We do it by empowering people, production and productivity – by equipping you with the right competency.


Maillefer Consultation is the fast lane to unique competence

It covers over 30 know-how products, with which you can maximize the value of your technology, access the best practices and improve your process based on your needs. You get the means that elevate your productivity, product quality and profitability from investment planning to actual production optimization.

R&D Centers - Finland, Switzerland

This is where the magic happens. Maillefer R&D Centers offer the unique collaboration platform to test your ideas and pilot new technologies. In Finland you can use the sole vertical pilot line in the industry for fast prototyping, as did over 40 our customers last year. You can solve your process problems efficiently and safely, and complete your R&D project even 50 times faster with Maillefer experts.

Investment Planning

You know what products your customer wants. We find the most profitable and sustainable production solution to complete your feasibility study. Our Plant Definition Study gives you a view on raw material flows, cable constructions, needed production processes and machinery, the main operational requirements and implementation schedule, and the size of the investment. An initial factory layout and utility consumption calculation are part of the study.

Materials and Products

High quality products are 100% clean. We can consult in product and material handling design from raw material storage to the extrusion line. You can ensure contamination free material flow and learn how to minimize contaminants in different production environment. Especially useful in LV, FO, Rubber, Tele or MV and HV applications. You could also check our Clean Run and High Output Screw Value Packages.

Process Start-up

Is there a connection between a process start-up and quality power cable production? We have experienced in thousands of line deliveries, that the right starting procedures can make the true difference.

Production Process Optimization

Production processes – Conductor pre-heating, extrusion, cross-head, crosslinking, cooling

Conductor pre-heating correlates directly to productivity and product quality. Optimization of preheating process based on either single- or dual-preheating technology is often forgotten, but essential process improvement to consider.

Does your extrusion, cross-head, crosslinking and cooling performance match your productivity needs? You can take advantage of our comprehensive material data bank, extrusion and crosslinking optimization software, component upgrades, tooling calculation, flow and curing simulations, process modelling and training. You could also check our Long Run and Round Value Packages.

Post processes – Degassing

Have you evaluated the efficiency of your degassing? We can improve your delivery time and use of production space by shortening degassing time with a new method. You get recommendations on degassing room arrangement and equipment, degassing drum and chamber design and process documentation.

Factory Joint Technology

The most critical part of the whole cable system reliability. Nothing more, nothing less. Now you can take advantage of our process know-how tested in the most difficult submarine cable production.  


Cable Testing

As our energy and communication infrastructure moves undersea, cables and pipes need to last across generations. We can provide you with complete cable testing services to guarantee the desired cable lifetime.

Trouble Shooting

Do you want a Maillefer specialist to rapidly back you up with your problems? Our trouble shooting services cover power cable, fiber optic cable, low voltage cable and rubber cable production.

Maintenance Solutions

Do you know your equipment condition and how to keep it at the expected level? Through Preventive Maintenance we help you maintain your equipment at expected levels. With Line Equipment Assessment and Technical Inspection you will get a report including findings and a list of recommended actions for improvement.

Performance Solutions

Do you know, what is the potential of your current equipment and resources? You may need another opinion from the original equipment provider. In Process Survey we focus on the improvement needs for quality and productivity. Line Performance Review clarifies the improvement needs for OEE and material savings.

Maillefer Factory System


Do you need a qualified concept to realize the complete factory with the lowest risk and cost? Let us introduce a new way to seize your business opportunity. Maillefer works as your responsible partner for all planning, building, technology and engineering tasks until the start-up of new production lines, and quality and information systems.


Meet us at wire South America 2017 in Sao Paulo, Brazil on 03 - 05 October, 2017!

IWCS 2017

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Irrigation Show

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Wire & Cable Arabia 2017

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