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High Output Screw Value Package

New screw design leads to higher output for your extruder.

Are you interested in increasing your 1 kV insulation line production speeds by 20%?

You can do it by fully utilizing the potential of our extrusion technology

In a proven customer case significant line speed improvements were achieved when a standard screw was changed to our high output screw in a 120-24D extruder. A comparison was done between 120 mm2 and 240 mm2 sector shape conductors during a trial production of XLPE insulated conductor. With a standard screw the 120 mm2 conductor was produced at 170 m/min and the 240 mm2 conductor at 90 m/min. Production speeds with our High Output Screw Value Package for the same products were 200 m/min and 110 m/min. The corresponding increase was 17.6 % and 22.2 %.

What you get

Higher throughput due to the new screw design, and improved temperature control. In addition, compared to Maillefer’s previous generation extruders, you will enjoy an increase of PVC, XLPE (silane co-polymers) and PE of up to 15 – 20%.

  • Screw with high specific output

New lines compatible with High Output Screw Value Package

Meet us at Irrigation Show in Orlando, Florida, USA on 08 - 09 November, 2017!

Wire & Cable Arabia 2017

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